StrikeForce Technologies ProtectID® Out-of-Band Two Factor Authentication via Phone Token SMS Email Blackberry iPhone

News & Events

  • SFOR Management Team recorded a Webex presentation reviewing the company's Q1 2014 10Q Financial Results on Tuesday May 27. Click here to view the Q1 2014 Webex Review.
  •  StrikeForce Awarded PC, Mac, and Mobile device Keystroke Encryption Patents 8,566,608 & 8,732,483 (May 2014)
  •  StrikeForce awarded Out-of-Band Authentication Patents 7,870,599 & 8,484,698 & 8,713,701 (May 2014)
  • Investor Relations: StrikeForce commences litigation regarding our out-of-band authentication patent #7,870,599 (Mar 2013)


Management Team

Prior to establishing StrikeForce Technologies Inc, the founders of SFT held senior level management positions. The additional management has deep expertise and long market tested experience relevant to their current responsibilities.

The following are biographical notes on the key members of StrikeForce Technologies Inc.

Mark L. Kay,
Chairman & CEO

Mark joined SFT in May 2003. Previously, he was an established leader, CIO and Managing Director at JPMorganChase over the past 25 years. During his employment at JPMC he led strategic and corporate business groups with global teams up to 1000 people. His responsibilities also included Chief Operating Officer and Global Technology Auditor during his tenure. His business concentrations were Securities (Fixed Income and Equities), Proprietary Trading & Treasury, Global Custody Services, Audit, Cash Management (including Money Transfer and Demand Deposit), Corporate Business Services and Web Services. Prior to JPMC, Mark was a Systems Engineer at Electronic Data Services (EDS) for over five years, where he developed his technical and people skills. He holds a B.A. in Mathematics from CUNY.

Ram Pemmaraju,
Chief Technology Officer

Ram is one of the original founders and the inventor of the ProtectID product. Ram has several years experience in security systems and telecommunications. Ram’s prior job was at Coreon, where he developed OSS systems for DSL carriers. Ram was the founder and Chief Engineer of Digitech Telecommunications, a Network Security systems company that manufactured data encryptors, callback systems, access control and voice scramblers. He was employed at Computer Sciences Corporation, Synergy Systems, Bellcore and Bell Labs amongst other technology companies typically as a chief, design and/or software engineer. Ram has a M.S.E.E from Rutgers University and a B.E. from Stevens Tech.
George Waller,
Executive VP, Marketing

George is a founder and the prior CEO of the company for which his strong leadership, sales and technology experience well positioned him. Previously he was a VP at Connexus Corporation, a software integrator. He successfully managed several software integration firms such as TeachMeIT, Incubation Systems and HealthSCOUT.