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Mobile Device Security

StrikeForce’s patented anti-keylogging technology secures your sensitive personal and financial information by proactively encrypting every keystroke as you type. GuardedID® also provides advanced anti-clickjacking and anti-screen capture technology, for multiple layers of protection from cyber attacks.
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They can’t hack what they can’t see

Traditional keystroke data flows from your mobile keyboard through your operating system before it appears in your apps. Hidden along the way are areas of vulnerability where cyber criminals can plant keylogging spyware.

MobileTrust® protects your keystroke data by installing a secure encrypted keyboard* that creates an alternate pathway to your apps, routing your encrypted data around the areas of vulnerability. For added security, the MobileTrust® pathway is protected by a complex 256-bit encryption code.

Key features

Stop cybercriminals from hacking your mobile devices and keep sensitive information from ever being exposed.


Secure keyboard*


Secure web browser


Encrypted password manager


Password generator


Two-factor authenticator

SMB & Enterprise

Secure your mobile applications with our MobileTrust Software Development Kit (SDK)

What’ve you got to lose… without MobileTrust®?


Online Banking

Each time you log into online banking, hackers can steal your usernames, passwords and account details.

Credit Card Info

As you shop online, even a secure browser can’t protect your credit card information from keystroke loggers.

Personal Security

Whenever you type your Social Security number or other personally identifying information (PII), you’re exposed to identity theft.

Personal Health Info

Your personal health information is extremely valuable to hackers, who can sell it to the highest bidder.

Email & Word Processing

Cyber criminals with keylogging software can steal everything you type in emails and documents.

“GuardedID & MobileTrust are invaluable resources for anyone who banks, shops & emails online”

Johnny May
Author & Identity Theft Prevention Expert

Protection for mobile devices

Works on iOS & Android Mobile Devices and Tablets



per year

1 Device


per year

2 Devices


per year

5 Devices

SMB & Enterprise

Are you an SMB or Enterprise that needs to protect more endpoints?

Contact us for a tailored solution that scales to your endpoint needs and supports enterprise deployment.

Software Development Kit (SDK) available

Our Mission

Making the world a safer place for people to compute.