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Data cannot become more secure until the end-user authentication goes beyond a simple password. ProtectID® is designed to deliver affordable, flexible, and redundant authentication models for Banks, Corporations, Universities, Government Agencies, and Social Networking websites.
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"As a bank, hackers are always looking to infiltrate our network. That’s why we chose ProtectID to protect our remote workers. StrikeForces' multi-channel architecture proved to be invaluable, when it prevented hackers from breaching our network during a recent attack. In addition, StrikeForces' cyber security team is knowledgeable and always suggests ways to further secure our endpoints and users."

Michael T.
A Regional Bank


“StrikeForces' ProtectID product provides an open architecture platform for strong user authentication…offers secure website logon, VPN access and terminal authentication to round out its many features…no problem to deploy…worked flawlessly and was flexible during the deployment phase.”

Awarded 5-Stars by SC Magazine

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